Our Story

Why is Loop the number 1 choice for Sales Training and Enablement? It is in our DNA, Loop was born out of an industry leading Training Agency.

Why does Loop exist?


Maestro has been in the sales training space for over 10 years. We have been trusted by hundreds of customers to design and develop original sales training strategies and execution plans. Many of these customers have been Fortune 500 companies with complex sales training needs. Unfortunately, we were never happy with the learning technology options necessary to fully support the process of training reps, providing practice opportunities to apply new ideas, and enabling them through rich content management for sales collateral and support. This marketplace gap led us to deliver several custom software platforms for those Fortune 500 companies, but most companies don’t have the support to build and maintain these complex software solutions. This is why we developed Loop. The world’s first comprehensive sales training and enablement solution that meets all the needs of your geographically dispersed sales force. 

Our goal is to provide the best Sales Training and Enablement platform on the market and make Sales Mastery attainable for every company with a sales team. We do this by providing an incredibly scalable product that focuses on a philosophy we call Learn, Practice, Perform.


Get all your knowledge and training delivery in one place. From new hire, to ongoing product launches and coaching sessions. Your sales force should be an alway improving sales machine and to enable that, we deliver the most barrier free learning experience on the market.


Gaining skills and selling abilities doesn’t stop at knowledge obtainment, it requires practice for real growth. Loop provides practice opportunities through content reinforcement and video role-play to master messaging and gain confidence. Practice is what will take your average reps and turn them into sales masters.


You can have the most skilled sales reps in your industry, but without proper support they will always be at a disadvantage. Loop provides instant access to all of your sales material and more than access, the ability to share presentations with clients with one action.

This philosophy is more than just training, practicing and performing. It is the agile process of continuous improvement. As your teams learn, practice and perform, they will gain incredible experience and knowledge. As an organization it is critical to capitalize on these human resources to push the organization further than ever. Loop enables the reps to capture their stories, failures, and further training desires in one place. Where the organization can learn and iterate on the sales execution strategy. We believe this product will change the way your organization thinks about sales execution and more importantly we think you as our partners will change the way the product enables it. At our core we believe that it is through our collaborations with our partners we find success and we bring that service mentality to our product.