Powerful Features

Loop allows you to gain knowledge, practice your pitch and develop the confidence to perform at your peak.

Information on any device

Loop helps reps find what they need and know how to use what they find.


Robust sales collateral CMS with easy search or browsing to quickly find what you need. Share internally or send directly to a customer from any device.


All the virtual training, videos, and certification needs your training program requires on any device. Course tracking and reporting features help your facilitators manage each class.

Diagnose then prescribe

Coach processes, not outcomes.

Video Practice

Before your new reps pick up the phone or meet with customers for the first time have them practice their messaging, objection handling, and storytelling then validate they are doing it well.


Create personalized learning paths, video practice challenges, and capture performance feedback to help reps win more.

The real goal: Sales Mastery

Sales reps committed to being the difference.

Prepare for Everything

Sales masters make the most of every customer interaction. Use Loop’s CMS with video practice to prepare for presentations or meetings. Deliver insights with knowledge and confidence.

Study and Transfer Knowledge

Sales masters never stop learning. Add courses to Loop and let them choose where to focus. Rookie reps want to know how top reps work, use Loop to share insights from your masters.

Top Features

Loop supports eLearning delivery and tracking of any course, is a robust CRM for sales collateral, and has everything you were hoping to find in a video practice technology.


Sales collateral CMS

Video Practice

All eLearning files supported

Individual learning plans

Manager coaching tools

Mobile app

Online/Offline access

US based customer support

User generated content

SCORM compliant Experience API

Single sign-on/SSO

Customizable reporting

LMS integrations

Simple user permissions

Content access controls

White label site customization

Unlimited storage

Document Control

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