Case Studies

Client success is the number 1 most important metric for our success. Check out how some of our clients are leveraging Loop to greatly enhance sales training and support in the field.


Abbott deployed Loop to over 4,000 sales reps throughout the United States through 2016 and 2017. In 2018 they are deploying internationally to EMEA and APAC. Abbott is leveraging Loop to enable their sales reps with the newest marketing material, ongoing training opportunities and video practice.


Janssen Pharmaceutical consists of several franchises with similar, but slightly divergent needs. Loop has been rolled out to over 5500 North America reps to date and several hundred seats to EMEA. Janssen is leveraging Loop for new hire training, ongoing POA meetings, product launches and video practice.


Zimmer Biomet is deploying an innovative approach to sales training and enablement. They are leveraging ongoing and regional training events, while supporting their learners through podcasts, marketing videos and mobile friendly learning modules. This balance of formal and informal learning continues to encourage learning at all stages of development.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher trusts Loop to provide an excellent new hire experience through pre-class training, in-class support and post-class follow-up. They have designed an onboarding experience that delivers pre-work assignments that get learners prepared for the classroom requirements and post work to help pull the learning through in an effective way. The key features they are using are assignments, learning notifications, content library and video practice.

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