Supporting Your Sales Team Just Got a lot Easier

Loop is the simplest and most versatile enablement platform designed to help your sales reps hit their performance goals.

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One Platform for Total Sales Mastery

We specialize in providing incredible user experience for onboarding, product trainings, skill development programs, and sales events – all enabled through frustration-free eLearning delivery, a robust sales collateral CMS, video practice, coaching opportunities, and individualized learning paths.

Rep Education

  • Mobile accessible eLearning
  • Continuous learning assignments
  • Coaching opportunities
  • Personalized learning lists


  • Tell better stories
  • Prepare before every meeting
  • Manager and peer feedback
  • Knowledge transfer

Marketing Material

  • Organized how you need it
  • Quick searching and browsing
  • Document controls
  • Offline capability

Globally Available on Any Device

Loop is built for global deployment, with users leveraging the Loop application in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our device agnostic software is support through Native Mobile Applications and Web, to provide your users with the most comprehensive sales training and enablement platform on the market.



Client Happiness is our Measure

Adoption is our number one measurement of success.  We have dedicated ourselves to building a product that will not only get your reps to use it, but to keep coming back.

Janssen Pharmaceutical relies on Loop to provide all their continuous learning needs to their field based employees, including sales and medical liaisons.  This includes elearning delivery, marketing messaging, and video practice to make sure each conversation counts.

Abbott trusts Loop to house all of their marketing material for their entire sales force. They also leverage loop to provide ongoing learning, product launch support and video role-plays.

Thermo Fisher has chosen Loop to be their New Hire Training Platform. They conduct the whole onboarding experience through Loop, including pre-work, role-plays, and all of their assessments for determining sales readiness.

Case Studies

Fortune 500 companies use Loop for their global sales training and enablement solution. Learn how they are making incredible gains on their sales goals and achieving sales mastery.

Learn About Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery requires a dedication to continuous improvement and between the Loop platform and these resources you will be off to a great start. Check out a few of our favorite articles to get started.

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How to Use the Science of Storytelling to Get Better at Selling

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6 Quick Tips for More Flexible, Effective Sales Training

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New product. Experienced team.

Loop is built by the team at Maestro, experts in the eLearning and training industry for over ten years. We’ve learned a lot about people and how they learn most effectively. Loop is the culmination of all that experience in one easy to use product.

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